Sunday, November 04, 2012

Problem detected

                                                                                   Derp Daron - Problem detected
                                                                                      Based on the novel of C.D.Axter

Wandering around, Graue found the computers' room.
In spite of its obvious importance, the place seemed to be abandoned.
 Probably the robots had not been there for a long time. Maybe they never did.
After a while of random search, some files caught her attention.
File archive
File archive

File archive

File archive
File archive

Sitting with her new friends, Graue couldnt help but worrying about what she had learned on the computer.
Before Derp Daron was invaded, some selected kids were sent to Earth to be protected.
There was an army ready to rescue the grown up kids and help them fight to recover the planet.
But the army was composed by disfunctional robots.
And she was supposed to lead them cause she was
 the Princess of Derp Daron.
                                                                                                                           (to be continued)
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